On November 14, 2018, the Next Generation Good Food Forum was held in Beijing’s Dongsheng International Science Park in Zhongguancun, China’s Silicon Valley. The purpose of the Forum was to raise awareness of and highlight the business opportunity in plant-based foods and alternative proteins by engaging the agri-food business and investor community in China.   
The event attracted more than 200 people,  including industry experts from Europe and the USA where the plant-based alternative protein industry has been extremely active in the last few years.  The Forum was co-organized by Dao Foods International and its host site partner Dongsheng Science and Technology Park as part of the Future Agriculture Summit, a joint effort between Dao Foods and Dongsheng. 
Third Panel: How do we collaborate to build a plant-based food industry?\

In the third panel, Albert Tseng, Dao Foods International’s co-founder, was the moderator. Panelists include: Brandon Trowbridge, American chef and food industry entrepreneur (China), Dr. David Welch, Director of Science and Technology, Good Food Institute (U.S.), Danai Pathomvanich, Senior Partner, Hatton Capital (Thailand), Qingguo Gao, Chairman, Oriental Purple Wine Co., Ltd. (China), and Alexander Pestalozzi, Asia Managing Director, Theo Mueller Family Office (Germany). The panel discussed how multiple stakeholders can collaborate to build the plant-based food industry in China covering topics ranging from product formulation, food science, manufacturing, distribution, and investment.

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