Mr. Danai Pathomvanich, Chairman of Path Foundation and CEO of NR Instant Produce (NRF) gave speech on regenerative agriculture at FoodShot Global ‘Moonshot for Better Foods’ Ceremony before donating a USD 250,000 grant to COMET-Farm.

Bangkok, Thailand June 2019 – Following its successful product launch of ‘Sabzu’ at ThaiFex 2019 and ambitious plans to take leadership role in global Specialty Foods industry, the Southeast Asia’s foods manufacturer NR Instant Produce (NRF) continues to conquer yet another proud achievement across the globe- this time in New York City- towards feeding the world through sustainability with granting the highest regenerative agriculture grant to a US-based innovation tool in advancing Soil 3.0 that’ll change the way farms live, eat, and breathe.

Earlier in 2019, NRF has announced a corporate rebranding and clear commitments to both sustain and revolutionize the foods industry as well as the specialty food business. Now, they are pioneering a path few food manufacturers have done- supporting, investing, and granting funds to innovative companies that can promise a healthy food system that can nourish 10 Billion people and sustain earthly resources.
As CEO of NRF and Chairman of Path Foundation, Mr. Danai Pathomvanich has flown to New York City to attend as one of the founding donors of initiative and a member of the selection committee to present the Moonshot Prize at FoodShot Global, a non-profit organization of world-class partners empowering bold ideas and innovative companies to accelerate the transformation to a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system. FoodShot Global launched its investment platform in 2018 aimed to accelerate food system transformations through annual challenges called ‘Moonshot for Better Foods’- a global call for entrepreneurs, researchers, and advocates on a specific topic within the food and agriculture space. Applicants with most qualified solutions are then selected to receive grants or equity prizes from the FoodShot’s integrated capital platform. Best in-class candidates will receive equity and debt financing for their business; cash prizes will be rewarded for rising stars working within research, social enterprise, and advocacy. In 2018, Moonshot For Better Foods topic was Innovating Soil 3.0 Solutions.  This year’s topic was Soil 3.0 under the theme ‘regenerative agriculture’ – an aligned mission for Path Foundation (a founding donor of FoodShot Global) and a core philosophy all too familiar to NRF.

A total of four prizes were awarded; two Moonshot prizes of $250,000, a research grant of $35,000, and a social equity prize of $3,000,000 to Trace Genomics. Mr. Danai handed out the Moonshot Prize of $ 250,000 to COMET-Farm, a Colorado-based Whole Farm and Ranch Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Accounting System.  COMET-Farm estimates the ‘carbon footprint’ for all or part of farming and ranch operations then allows farmers to evaluate different options for reducing GHG emissions and sequestering more carbon. General guidance on the system is provided about potential changes to your management practices that are likely to sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Amazingly, the system also uses detailed spatially-explicit data on climate and soil conditions specifically for location and allows farmers to enter detailed information for their field and livestock operations to produce an accurate estimate tailored to your specific situation. How’s that for reducing world’s carbon footprint?
“Regenerative Agriculture is the key for the future. The need to save the world and the need to save our health has been given media attention, however, the need to save on our soil has been something largely ignored. The Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has cited that more than 90% of all the Earth’s soil could be degraded by 2050 as our world continues to extract higher tolls to produce more for a burgeoning population,” commented Mr. Danai Pathomvanich, CEO of NR Instant Produce (NRF). 
“NRF’s vision aims to a make the world more sustainable with food products that are made from regenerative farming. We are grateful for government organizations that support this cause and without the help of world’s leading partners, organizations such as FoodShot Global, and local communities themselves, this goal of food system sustainability will not be reached. To enable us to achieve this, NRF also supports and seek to work with innovative startups who are focused not just on the science of regenerative agriculture, but the collaboration to make it accessible to the global community. This way, we will succeed in helping improve the farming system in Thailand that we currently work with and hopefully, the entire industry as a whole,” added Mr. Danai.

In collaboration with Path Foundation and FoodShot Global, NRF is announcing qualifying Thai entrepreneurs, policy makers, NGOs, and others to apply and get involved with the next MoonShot For Better Foods Challenge 2020. Everything will be bigger and better, with prizes up to $1,000,000 in grant money and $20,000,000 in social equity. Stay tuned on applicant enrollment date and register at!
Mr. Danai Pathomvanich, Chairman of Path Foundation and CEO of NR Instant Produce (NRF) proudly hands over prize to Mr. Keith Paustian, Founder of COMET-Farm from Colorado State, whose work is at the leading edge of agriculture in big data and predictive analysis.
Mr. Danai Pathomvanich, Chairman of Path Foundation and CEO of NR Instant Produce (NRF) with FoodShot Global Team in New York City
About NR Instant Produce (NRF)
Thailand’s leader in food manufacturing and distribution, NR Instant Produce Co., Ltd was established in 1991 with a humble shop-house factory based in Bangkok, Thailand. In 1996, the company explored its first export initiative to the USA and followed by a major export drive to the United Kingdom. NR Instant produces its own signature brands, private label products and co-packing lines. The company was already on its path to success – becoming one of the first manufacturers to receiving an BRC Accreditation, signing Woolworth’s as their first private label customer, and at last, achieving its first 1 Billion THB turnover in 2011. The company then grew into an international multi-billion THB business, employing over 500 workers, and received international certified food safety such as IFS Food, GMP, BRC Global Standard, and US FDA.  NRF relocated and expanded to 20,000+ sqm of high-tech manufacturing facility in Samut Sakhon, producing popular products such as Por Kwan, Thai Delight, DEDE, LEE Brand, and many more.
The successes of NR Instant Produce captured the interests of Hong Kong-based investment organization Hatton Capital Partners, who acquired the private food exporter in 2017. In 2018, Dusit Group became an important business alliance as well as a shareholder to support NRF goals of creating delicious, safe, and unique food products delighting and enriching consumers in over 25 countries worldwide. Now, NR Instant Produce (NRF) became the leading purveyor of Asian ethnic flavors for almost three decades with main products consisting of ethnic oriental foods, plant-based foods, seasoning, recipe, RTE, beverage, and better for you foods and ingredients. NRF remains laser-focused on playing a pivotal role in elevating the standards of food manufacturing, transforming farming techniques, sourcing, producing, and the way they feed the world. For more info, visit
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