Our mission is to revolutionize the food industry to promote a more sustainable and united world.

Who we are?

NR Instant Produce PCL is a leading southeast Asian food manufacturer and distributor based in Thailand, where the company was founded in 1991.
NRF has taken a journey from a small grass-roots company, to a small shophouse factory and has now developed into an international business, with a strong-willed strategy to produce high quality, affordable goods that people want and that align with our ethics.

We now work out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Samut Sakhon where we produce our own signature brands, private label products and co-packing lines. NR has a workforce of 500 people who are all dedicated to maintaining our ethos and improving the lives of those in the local community.
Since 2017 we’ve been under the ownership of Hatton Capital Partners, a Hong Kong-based investment organization, who are also highly committed to the food and agricultural industries, and we are confident that together we have the means to continue to grow and establish a better future.



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NR International’s Footprint

NR Instant Produce PCL. has the pleasure of serving customers in 24 countries worldwide.

Accomplished Hong Kong-based Hatton Capital acquires NR, enabling the company to further expand and infiltrate in overseas speciality food markets and drive NR’s mission.
NR celebrates reaching the significant milestone of a turnover of 1 billion baht.
Proud to be one of the first manufacturers accredited with BRC certification, an internationally recognized standard of food quality and safety.
Woolworth’s became the company’s first major Private Label customer.
Investment in nama-noodle production plant marks the manufacturing of NR’s own noodle range and its first major product differentiation project.
A big relocation to a brand-new factory enables NR to run five manufacturing plants, to be expanded later in 2010.
Another big year, with a major export drive to the UK and the launch of NR’s own brand, Por Kwan, in export markets targeting Asian ethnics in the USA and in Europe.
launch of Por Kwan
brand in export markets,
targenting Asian ethnics in USA and Europe
NR breaks into the American market by initiating and securing its first major export customer in the USA.
After their grass-root beginnings manufacturing in a basement, the journey truly begins as NR opens its first manufacturing and distribution shop-house factory in South Central Bangkok.

What we do?

Thailand is a land of rich culture, fertile soils, favorable climes and a nation that possesses a profound knowledge and enjoyment of good food; food that is unique, delicious, nutritious and healthy. These qualities form the basis of the company’s beliefs – a desire to “make sustainable food experiences enjoyable, while raising the quality of life around the world”. With an impressive 10,000 sq. m. of manufacturing space at the state-of-the-art factory premises, and processing and production equipment second to none, NR Produce currently produce over 1,100 SKU’s in seven market sectors, exporting to more than 25 countries.

The company’s brands are established, highly regarded, market leaders in Thailand and are proving highly successful in many other countries. Their success is based on an unwavering commitment to innovation, the finest raw ingredients, and strong marketing support. NR Produce has, for many years, worked closely with its partners in the retail trade, both in Thailand and internationally to offer its vast array of tasty, nutritious food recipes as Private Label lines, adding exposure to a ever-widening consumer audience. As a leading, technology-driven manufacturer of food products with impeccable quality and safety standards, the company has developed the capability and capacity to produce, package and label food recipes to the specifications of partner brands.


Our people

Thailand is a country rich in culture and steeped in fertile soils, …..climates, and it is a nation which possesses a profound knowledge and a deep love of good food. Food that is unique, flavourful, nutritious and healthy. These qualities, along with our core values, means that we can make food experiences not only sustainable, enjoyable and appetizing, but beneficial for people around the world.
From our modern manufacturing premises we’re currently able to produce over 1,100 units across seven market sectors, exporting to more than 25 countries.
Our company brands are well-established market leaders in Thailand and are steadily growing in many other countries. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, sourcing the finest raw ingredients and our strong marketing are to thank for our ongoing success.
For many years we’ve worked closely with our partners in the retail trade, both in Thailand and internationally, to offer a vast array of exceptionally tasty and nutritious recipes as Private Label lines, broadening accessibility to an ever-widening audience.
As a leading, technology-driven food produce manufacturer, with impeccable quality and safety standards, the company has developed the ability and capacity to produce, package and label the products to the particular specifications of our partner brands.


Vision & Values

We partner with brands to create delicious, unique and green solutions for our consumers and our communities.


Guaranteed in everything we do; our social and environmental responsibility, our forward-thinking approach, our sincere appreciation of the value of our employees and partners, and our unfailing drive for industry innovation.

Honesty & Integrity

Shown in each and every of our business relationships, including employees, clients, intermediaries, suppliers and governments, and ensured in our record keeping, financial practices and the handling of all areas of manufacturing

Social Responsibility

Demonstrated in our commitment to bettering people’s lives and societies as a whole and fuelled by our deep concern for our footprint. We strive to make positive and powerful contributions to sustainable development, not only through our products but also in the way we do business.

Scientific Innovation

Ensured throughout all manufacturing processes and premises, in our products, in establishing the highest quality, in creativity and in our leadership.

Coustomer Focus

Upheld with the recognition that our customers are the reason for our success, and our passionate commitment to listening and responding positively and ardently to their needs.